Children’s Pastels Workshop

Classes at Collingwood Area School

Provisionally Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 – 5:00 pm
Contact the school for details

My classes cover all the domestic pets that children have grown to Love – cats, dogs, horses, chickens and rabbits. I start of the first class   with everyone drawing animal eyes. With that simply achieved building 120% confidence we play with all the pets to bring them alive with unique characters on paper using pastels. Each week we play with one of the above pets then conclude on the seventh week drawing a farmhouse with all the pets and farm animals .

As you can see here everyone excels as their creativity freely flows. All parents and other siblings were very impressed.

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 students with horses_7890227330_l clas 1 cats eyes_7890217638_l 1067 cl7 four rabbits_7934446702_l 1022 cl 5 students with classic rooster_8013177213_lclass 2 students with cats_7890219854_l 1024 single roosters c)_8013180982_l  dog class 3_7890225730_lclass 3 students with dogs_7890223186_l dog class 3_7890224494_l 1049 cl 6 two horses_7889824562_l 1094 cl9 Landscape & Animals_8011632943_l