Through our Adult Educational Programmes and Special Events the Skool is Making A Difference in helping develop a better Community by inspiring participants to live more sustainable, share and learn from one another.

The Making A Difference Skool is a unique model that supports the local Community from the youth to the elderly through the fields of the Arts, Health and Science. We in the Skool emphasis the message that Health is our Greatest Wealth. Following our motto "HealThy Self", we encourage everyone to be autonomous within all areas of their lives and participate fully in their own healing process. Our approaches are based on striving for Balance, Love and true Well-being.

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The  SKOOL comes under the umbrella of its governing body the:

Golden Bay Community Arts and Health, Educational and Charitable  Trust

The TRUST is registered with the Charity Services CC 50334, any donation to the Skool's Charitable Trust of $5 or more is tax deductible. We are a Not for Profit organisation 
 The Board of Trustee’s have appointed a managing committee known as Creative Coordinating Council (CCC) to administrate and run the operation. On that Council at least two members are from the Board of Trustee.
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Building a community

Nourishing Beauty

Some of the activities available in the Nourishing Beauty section next to Nganga RT and the MAD Skool Cafe  

Unblocking Collingwoods emotions

The Mad skool is re-building our new home. On the 13th Oct Solly’s 20 ton digger arrived to take out a half metre thick water tank base that has been trapping water under the...